Arthur Read Confessions

Because you've always had a secret while watching the show, like pairing up Alan and Mr. Ratburn.

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simmingwithastory asked: Am I the only one who preferred Mark Rendall as the voice of Arthur over everyone else that voiced him? Cameron Ansell was alright but he was too high pitched for me. Mark even did the voice overs for the online games on abc and they're still up!

Thoughts? Anyone?

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azuremae asked: i'm twenty-five & i still watch arthur each weekday afternoon.

Proud of you.

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meulinandtheleijons asked: in response to the lima bean ask - yes,i'm still terrified of open cans now!


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thearthurlife-deactivated201403 asked: Hi!! I just want to make a comment!! I can not even believe that one of the voices of Arthur (Cameron Ansell), is a rapper/gangster now and he ties by the name "Fly Boy" I just think that is crazy lol

LOL that is crazy.

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isetallmyregretsonfire asked: i just want to know if the lima bean can episode scarred anyone else for life, like it did my little sister and i.


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brewsterthevampireslayer asked: I ship Arthur with Angelina Ballerina.


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